World Arts Today Interview: Developing accessibility to dance: A conversation with Melissa Gendreau

“In a place so vast and swimming with talented but hidden dance artists, Perceptions Dance company is a growing voice in New York City. Three years ago, when the company relocated its Boston home to New York, it was a troupe with handful of dancers.  Now, it’s expanded to having….” > read more

Review: 8th Annual Fashion on the Square

“They opened the second half of the fashion show (that started with Dark Garden) with a bang, and they’re one of the best dance segment I’ve ever seen (not just for modern dance, but for any kind of dance genres) in San Francisco Bay Area so far….”  > read more


PRESS: The Post News Group: Runway Show Fuses Fashion and Art

“San Franciscans are looking forward to  Fashion On The Square (FOTS), the largest runway show on the West Coast, which returns for its eighth year on Aug. 5 at the Intercontinental Hotel.  Proceeds  from Fashion on the Square are donated to worthy charities. This year’s beneficiaries are the San Francisco Arts Commission…”  > read more


PRESS: SF Indie Fashion: Runway Recap: Fashion on the Square

“Throughout, audience was entertained from start to finish as the show upped the ante by injecting a variety of performing arts into the evening.  One of the child models charmed the crowd with her enthusiastic reciting of Mary Williamson’s famous poem “Our Deepest Fear.” Just after intermission, Perceptions Dance surprised onlookers by entering…”  > read more


PRESS: LJ Fashion Styling

“After our meeting the two of us walked over to the 8th Annual Fashion on the Square Event,where we watched Joseph Domingo receive FOTS Designer of the year and watched stellar performances from Perception Dance…”  > read more


FEATURE: Changing Perceptions

“Former Attleboro resident Melissa Gendreau, artistic director and choreographer of the Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company, returns to Boston this weekend for the first time since she relocated the company to New York City in 2009…”  > read more



REVIEW: ChEckUsOuT! Dance Festival

” ‘Ancient Bruises,’ by Melissa Gendreau of Perceptions Dance Company was a tender pas de deux that created a glimpse into this timeless battle for control and respect between two people. They manipulated and tossed each other aside only to be drawn back together by their instinctual attraction; a powerfully magnetic…” > read more


REVIEW: Perceptions Dance at Teatro LATEA Theater

“New York is about laying it all on the line..’if you can make it here you can make it anywhere’ and Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company throws their hat in the ‘if you can make it here you can make it anywhere’ ring of NY with their explosive evening length premier at Teatro LA TEA Theater…” > read more


REVIEW: First Annual Perceptions Dance Festival hits MMAC

“Sometimes it takes years to build community  especially if youre a newbie.  Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company built one in just a year in NY…”   > read more



PRESS: Local Dancers Raise Funding to Help Families Battling Childhood Cancer

“The Faucher School of Dance located at 64 Auburn St. recently hosted the Second Annual William J Humphrey Jr. Memorial Performance to benefit “Why Me”…” > read more



PRESS: Seen on the Scene: Behind the Scenes @ TERMiNAL

“May 15th, 2010. Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company brought us to tears with their riveting piece Ancient Bruises at TERMiNAL Art Space in Williamsburg…” > read more



PRESS: PCDC Performs to Lifted Crew – Video

“Manhattan favorite Hip Hop Band LIFTED CREW played live at HauteNYC, Thick n Thin Music event while Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company grooved to original Lifted Song “The Light” choreographed by Melissa Gendreau…” > read more



PRESS: Free Dance at APAP

“It’s that time of year again: each January the Association of Performing Arts Presenters (APAP) holds several showcase performances with companies from all over…” > read more



PRESS: Dance Anywhere

“PerceptionsWest is moving down the Embarcadero beginning at the Ferry building as the perform bits and pieces of their new work in progress. Be ready to move with them though, once these girls start, they will be taking up space and covering some serious ground…” > read more


PRESS: Dance Studio Life

“After two years in New York City, Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company will be heading back to its hometown of Boston, Massachusetts for a performance of a new evening-length work on October 15 at 8pm at Boston University Theater.  Now in its fifth season under the leadership of artistic director/choreographer Melissa Gendreau, PCDC will present two of its latest creations…” > read more



“Salve Regina’s Extensions Dance Company, the university’s select dance ensemble, will present its annual concert, featuring works ranging from contemporary ballet to classical jazz during three performances later this month at the Casino Theatre…” > read more