World Arts Today Interview: Developing accessibility to dance: A conversation with Melissa Gendreau

“In a place so vast and swimming with talented but hidden dance artists, Perceptions Dance company is a growing voice in New York City. Three years ago, when the company relocated its Boston home to New York, it was a troupe with handful of dancers.  Now, it’s expanded to having….” > read more

iDanz Critix Corner Review: First Annual PCDC Festival hits MMAC

“Sometimes it takes years to build community  especially if youre a newbie.  Perceptions Contemporary Dance Company built one in just a year in NY culminating with the 1st Annual PCDC Festival….” > read more

Taylor Gordon Dance Blog: Perceptions Contemporary Dance Showcase

“Contemporary dance” is a vague term. Is it ballet mixed with modern? Is it what we see on television nowadays? Is it classier than lyrical?  At Perceptions Contemporary Dance Festival last Saturday, “contemporary” seemed to mean…” > read more

Alex Rodabaugh Dance Blog: Déjà Vu (I Feel Like I’ve Been Here Before)

“A lone woman casually walks from stage right to the center of the floor. Wearing black, she clasps her hands behind her back, and slowly bends forward until her long hair, pulled into a pony tail, falls gracefully….” > read more




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